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Technical Services

Technical Services

Offering a range of technical services for Boiler, VFD, and other products.

At Texas Specialty Products, we offer a variety of technical services, which include troubleshooting variable frequency drive applications, cooling towers, boilers, pumps, chillers, air handlers, fan coils, steam and hydronic systems. In addition, we provide service plate and frame heat exchangers, hydronic filtration, valve packages, expansion tanks, and water softener systems.

As the manufacturer's exclusive warranty representative for the majority of our product lines, our field staff has been factory trained, and can provide you with the most current product knowledge and technology that is available to the market. We also proudly carry the required State HVAC license to better serve you.

The President’s Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy Statement

At Texas Specialty Products (TSP) the safety and health of our employees, customers, and community is more than a commitment; it is a core company value. Our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Program sits at the heart of our daily business... continue reading.

Specializing in Boiler Services
We inspect, maintain and repair all types and brands of Commercial Boilers. We take the Preventive Maintenance process seriously, which begins with detailed record keeping and meticulous examination of all parts and processes of your system. For larger Scotch-marine boilers, TSP provides complete boiler re-tubes and vessel work including tube sheet dye penetration tests and tube sheet repairs that require welding (R-stamp).
The process of inspection begins with the careful opening and closing of the boiler system in a safe and controlled way, so we can inspect the tubes and tube sheets for cracks or lack of integrity, inspect the fouling of water treatment, lime deposits on the tubes which decrease efficiency, and brush out any deposits with our special equipment that cleans out the tubes efficiently. Opening and closing of the boiler system is imperative to the safety and increased lifespan of the equipment, which is why we include it on all our annual or semi-annual maintenance appointments. If hairline cracks, that cannot be detected otherwise, are not repaired they can pose a detrimental safety risk including a boiler room disturbance.

Depending on the type of boiler and brand there are different types of audits, maintenance and tuning of certain items that should be done. It is best to follow each manufacturer’s specific recommendations.

Some of the more common checks include:
  • Check and test low and high gas pressure safeties
  • Inspect and clean all burners of any modulating-condensing boilers
  • Inspect all manhole gaskets for leaks
  • Inspect all refractory systems
  • Inspect and test all safety valves
  • Clean and rebuild low water cut-off
  • Recalibrate all operating controls
  • Inspect and tighten electrical terminals
  • Inspect all flue chimneys and examine the flue gasses
  • Tune boiler for optimal boiler efficiency
  • Examination of all flame-sensing rods, spark rods to ensure they are properly gapped
  • Check all fans and blowers for building of dirt
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check block valves and bleed valves for any leaks
  • Monitor oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels
  • Winter start-up

This is not a complete list but well illustrates the need for regular examination of your commercial boilers to increase safety and the lifespan of your system, as well as prevent any costs of extreme repairs or production downtime.

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