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Our Brands

Our Brands

Representing a full line of elite mechanical and plumbing engineered products.

Our full line of elite mechanical and plumbing engineered products are integral to the development of efficient commercial and industrial HVAC systems. TSP proudly offers plumbing, mechanical, chiller, and airside products that are preferred in the marketplace, as well as exclusive partnerships with industry known brands.

AeroSys Inc.

These systems are designed for commercial IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) applications where cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying, ventilating and air conditioning solutions are required.

Alfa Laval

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers. With more than 2500 patents, we provide worldwide solutions in areas that are vital to society both today and for the future.


The latest actuator and valve technologies increase reliability and flexibility, simplify installation and thereby reduce energy consumption by up to 80 percent.


For more than 50 years, the company has been developing and producing the industry’s most innovative Water-Source Heat Pump systems. ClimateMaster is finding solutions for customers in a wide range of markets to make buildings healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective.


EVAPCO, an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of quality heat transfer products around the world. EVAPCO's strong ongoing commitment to research and development programs, allows them to provide the most advanced products in the industry. Along with cooling towers, our partnership with EVAPCO allows us to offer thermal ice storage, water treatment systems, and Mr. Goodtower parts and service.


EvapTech is a premier cooling tower designer, manufacturer, and contractor providing Innovative Cooling Solutions for the satisfaction of customer needs in the power generation, industrial, refrigeration, and HVAC evaporative cooling markets. EvapTech offers new and replacement field erected cooling towers and a variety of field erected cooling tower parts and aftermarket services.


Marlo offers customers an extensive line of equipment to efficiently and cost effectively solve water treatment problems through a variety of the most current technologies for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.

Metal-Fab Inc.

Metal-Fab Inc. is a custom fabricator of metal products for Architectural applications, as well as ornamental & standard fabricated items, including boiler flue pipe and grease duct systems.


Leading the way with filtration performance, innovation and cooling systems.


While constantly expected to do more with less, managing energy consumption and optimizing occupant comfort remains of utmost importance to facility managers. They require products that will integrate seamlessly into existing equipment and building management systems.

Tiger Flow

Tiger Flow has been manufacturing domestic water booster systems and other pumping packages since 1984 and is an industry leader in quality products and support throughout the nation.


World-class manufacturer of pumps, accessories, and services. Weinman Pumps & Systems provides solutions for Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Military market segments. Weinman Pumps & Systems is a recognized leader in meeting the ever changing needs of today’s worldwide marketplace.

Wessels Company

Wessels is a manufacturer of ASME certified and non-ASME certified pressure vessels for commercial and industrial fluid control applications.

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