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Tanks and Pumps

Plumbing Pumps and Tanks

Offering a variety of tanks and pumps for fluid control in commercial and industrial applications.

Texas Specialty Products offers a variety of plumbing pumps and tanks for commercial applications. Our plumbing products include sewage pumps, thermal expansion tanks, booster systems, and pumps. Our pump products handle a variety of pumping applications from sewage pumps to fountain pumps. In addition, we provide thermal expansion tanks for pressure control in portable water systems. We represent only the most elite pumping products in our industry and partner with high quality brands for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Our Plumbing Pumps and Tanks and Pump Products

Wessels Company

Wessels is a manufacturer of ASME certified and non-ASME certified pressure vessels for commercial and industrial fluid control applications. Wessels’ products are designed using a flexible bladder or diaphragm inside a pre-pressurized vessel to maintain the separation of air and water in the vessel.

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