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Commercial Venting Products hvac

HVAC Ventilation System Products

Providing commercial venting products for HVAC applications.

Texas Speciality Products provides commercial venting products for a variety of HVAC applications. A part of our HVAC product line, our commercial venting solutions include boiler flue pipe for heating appliances and grease duct systems for kitchen exhaust. Durable and reliable, we represent only the most elite commercial venting products in our industry and partner with high quality brands for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Our Commercial Ventilation Products

Metal-Fab Inc.

A custom fabricator of metal products for Architectural applications, as well as ornamental & standard fabricated items, Metal-Fab provides a diverse line of commercial and industrial venting products. It manufactures products in stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and steel, and also offers a variety of finishes from polishing, painting, powder coating, galvanizing, electro-polishing, and anodizing.

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